SIS is a Mumbai-based shipping company that has been operating ocean going tankers for the past 14 years after being incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, in Mumbai (India) on 2nd of May, 2002. The company is compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping and is in conformance with the quality standards set by them. SIS is registered under the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India and its fleet is classed with the Indian Register of Shipping. The company is committed to safe transportation, efficient services and cleaner seas. They recognize their responsibility for the safety of life at sea and ensuring a cleaner environment, hence developing and maintaining high standards of their fleet. The company has been profitable since inception and the quantum of its earnings has increased steadily and rapidly.

SIS currently owns a fleet of 11 ships - 3 crude oil tankers and 8 product carriers. The crude oil vessels cater to the nation's growing requirement of crude oil imports while the product tankers transport various refined oil products to the ports of consumption. SIS undertakes regular sale and purchase of ships with the objective of fleet upgrade and renewal, to cater to its clients' needs. It has a healthy mix of vessels in the Time and Voyage charter markets, all of which fly the Indian flag.


SIS has a highly professional in-house team that is well qualified in all aspects of the business it conducts – technical management, operational management, chartering, ISM, finance, purchase, manning and legal matters.



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We, at SIS, have an established standard with implemented polices to ensure that our fleet is compliant with all Flag State, Classification Society, Local & International Rules and Regulations that could jeopardize safety, pollution prevention and efficient operations, if not followed correctly. This includes providing the necessary shore-based support and assistance. In order to achieve this, SIS has an ISM Department, headed by our highly skilled and qualified DPA ("Designated Person Ashore") and ISM Manager, who monitor the fleet and its crew at all times.
The ISM department ensures that within SIS, employees work in a healthy, safe and secure environment. It also closely monitors the regulations that will be coming into force in the near future and pro-actively ensures compliance with them. SIS also holds an RPSL license to ensure all the rights of seafarers are protected.

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  • M.T.  Lourdes
  • M.T.  Delight
  • M.T.  Orchids
  • M.T.  Victory
  • M.T.  Agility
  • M.T.  Oaktree
  • M.T.  Windsor
  • M.T.  Crimson
  • M.T.  Saffron
  • M.T.  Meadows
  • M.T.  Lavails



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